What is a Balance Plan?

They’re level-funded plans, which means your costs will never exceed a predetermined amount. This allows you to budget effectively. Balance plans also combine our experienced staff and administration for traditional self-funded plans with the safety net of shared risk.

And we’ve already built the network, pharmacy coverage, and wellness benefits for you from our most popular plans, so choosing the right plan is easier than ever.

What Are the Benefits of a Balance Plan?

Balance plans:

  • Coordinate services like claims administration, medical management, and pharmacy benefits.
  • Aren’t subject to most taxes and fees that apply to traditional fully insured plans.
  • Can save you money if claims are lower than expected.
  • Never exceed the predetermined cost, no matter what.
  • Protect your business with stop-loss coverage that lets you set a yearly maximum cost.
  • Follow federal ERISA rules and aren’t subject to most state mandates, like bariatric surgery. If your plan isn’t governed by ERISA, some state mandates may apply.

Learn more in our Balance brochure.